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The Ultimate Tech-Enabler for Agri Organizations

We help you in supporting the farming community and growing your business.

The App

What do we do?

We help agri-organizations grow the digital way

We digitally bridge the knowledge gap between organizations and farmers. This way, farmers get the guidance they deserve and the organizations get their businesses to grow.


 What do you achieve?

Share your knowledge with the farmer community. In return, meet your business goals, generate revenue, and get access to plenty of data. Simple as that!

Help the community with better positioning of agri-inputs, higher productivity, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Access to 

Valuable Data

Get in-depth insights into of all the farms who use your app across India. Use the insights for the activities of your organization. 



Earn a part of the crop subscription revenues we generate from Rootstock.

Support to 


How to Get Started?  


Sign up for Free

Sign up with us, develop your crop guides, publish them on your app, and connect with your farmers.



Achieve your goals

Guide every farmer throughout their cropping seasons. Ensure that farmers use the prescribed inputs/suggestions at the correct time to raise a better crop. 


You don’t have to invest a penny. All you invest is your knowledge for your benefit. You get your own app absolutely free of cost.

 Let’s Support Our Farmer Community Together

Here’s how organizations like yours can empower farmers when you collaborate with us.


Expert Connect

We connect Farmers with the Agri-Experts of your organization, thus enabling farmers to get the proper guidance.


Input Material

Right from pre-sowing to post-harvest, we have onboarded vendors of every input product that farmers would need.


Crop Guides

We help you publish comprehensive cultivation guides for each crop (along with the crop and farm variants).


Farm Safety

Educate farmers on farm safety and environmental sustainability, in addition to helping them in maximizing yields. 

About Us

Facilitating Input Procurement

Vendors can sign up with us and sell the prescribed products.

Connecting Farmers

with Vendors

Our platform enables agri-organizations to establish a comprehensive online connection between farmers and input sellers. Unlike generic e-commerce platforms, we don’t just showcase products. Instead, we help agri-organizations connect directly with farmers, identify their specific needs and link them up with relevant sellers.


Winner of the International Innovation Challenge

GIZ, a German Organization, set up an Innovation Challenge on “Advisory for Agroecology” and invited applications from consortia across 50 nations in 2021. Only six proposals were screened for pilot implementation. Out of the six, only three were selected for full implementation, and our consortium is one of them.

Employment for Rural Youth

Rootstock enables the self-employment of youngsters in rural areas. Anyone can sign up on our platform and start earning by marketing your app to the farmers. 

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