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About Us

The Ultimate Tech-Enabler for Agri Organizations

Rootstock is a software platform that connects agri-organizations with an ecosystem of Farmers, Rural Youths, Agri Experts, and Input sellers. This way we fill the technology gap in the Agri ecosystem.

Crop Sowing

Brand Story

Our platform is called ‘Rootstock’. We envision that our partnership would be similar to a successfully grafted plant, where we are the digital rootstock that takes care of the technical nitty-gritty and our partner is the scion that grows its network and flourishes. Together we shall make a positive impact on the agri-ecosystem. 

Mission & Vision

1. Supporting Farmers: We enable Agri Organizations to support farmers at every step of their cultivation journey. Farmers get the best recommendations about cultivation protocols and tailored input recommendations to realize the best yields.

2. Empowering Organizations: We enable agri-organizations to connect directly with farmers, identify their input needs, connect them with input sellers and monetize the leads. Additionally, get in-depth insights into thousands of farms.

Meet the Team

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